Water System Information . . .

Water System Information


The Muskingum County Water Department serves more than 8000 customers through a network of more than 280 miles of pipeline, 11 tanks, and 7 pump stations. The northwest system distributes water purchased from the City of Zanesville to areas north of US 40 and west of the Muskingum River. Home Acres is served with water purchased from the City of Zanesville. The southeast system distributes filtered water from wells north of Duncan Falls to areas east of the Muskingum River.


The Water Department is constantly making improvements to better serve its customers. The following is a list of those ongoing activities and some major accomplishments in the last five years.


Services provided by the Water Department

  • Water quality – Plant personnel are testing and monitoring water quality on a daily basis. If you have water quality problems, please call the water office.
  • System operation – The wells, plant, pumping stations, tanks, and other critical system facilities are checked daily and preventive maintenance performed as scheduled. This minimizes system problems and extends the life of system assets.
  • Line repairs – Day or night there is always a person on call to respond to emergencies. Often these emergencies are line breaks. If the break is on a main line, a crew is mobilized immediately to minimize the service interruption.
  • Meter reading – Yes the department needs to read meters to bill customers accurately. If a meter reading indicates a possible leak the meter reader tries to contact customer. Meter reading also means that a staff person sees every foot of the system’s water line at least once every two months. This person can spot system leaks and unusual conditions sometimes before the condition becomes a problem.


Projects for 2014


Western Heights Extension

Blue Rock State Park Extension


Projects for 2013


North River Road Extension

Replace all meters on the South System


Supply and Treatment Upgrades

·        2013 – Replaced pump & tank telemetry for entire system

·        2012 – Filters rebuilt

·        2011 – Added Adamsville bulk station

·        2011 – Upgraded Office and Chandlersville bulk stations

·        2010 – Repaired and painted Norfield tank

·        2010 – Added office bulk water station

·        2007/8/9 – Well pumps reconditioned

·        2008 – Replaced the raw water supply line

·        2008 – Replaced filter media and refurbished plant pumps



System extensions


·        2013 – Mt Sterling Extension

·        2013 – Gratiot Extension

·        2012 – Hemmers Lane Extension

·        2011 – Rustic Ridge Extension

·        2011 – Lectric Lane Extension

·        2011 – South Moose Eye Extension

·        2011 – Upgraded system controls

·        2010 – Wilhelm Road Extension

·        2010 – Licking Road Extension

·        2010 – South Pleasant Grove Road Extensions

·        2009 – Shaver Road – 3700’ Extension

·        2009 – Park Lane – 4000’ loop

·        2009 – Rt 313 – 2100’ Extension

·        2009 – South Pleasant Grove Road – 1500’ Extension

·        2008 – Rose Hill



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