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Frequently Asked Questions











What is required to connect to the Countyís public water system?


First, you must make application to the Water Department for new water service at the business office on Richardís Road. When service is to be provided, the Water Department will install a meter pit on your property adjacent to the road right of way. The customer is responsible for the service line from the meter pit to the building and connections inside the building. Before the Water Department will install the meter in the meter pit and turn on the water, the department must have an approval from the County Health Department. You can check the requirements and obtain an application from the Health Department web site.


Why is there blue paint in my yard? 


Before anyone digs in the ground they are required by law to call the Ohio Utility Protection Service (OUPS). When OUPS is contacted they in turn contact all utilities in the proposed project area to mark the location of their facilities. The Water Department uses blue paint to mark its water lines. This service reduces the risk of water service being disrupted. DONíT FORGET TO CALL OUPS WHEN YOU ARE BEGINNING A PROJECT AROUND THE HOUSE THAT INVOLVES DIGGING IN THE GROUND.


Why is there a chlorine smell to my water? 


Chlorine is the disinfectant used by the Water Department to control bacteria. Although the chlorine feed at the treatment plant is relatively constant the amount of chlorine residual when the water reaches your home varies depending on the temperature of the water, the length of time the water is in storage, and other factors. Therefore, you may notice a slight smell of chorine at the faucet or in the shower at some times of the year.


Why are there Boil Advisory announcements? 


The Water Department issues precautionary boil water advisories when a loss of pressure in the water main can potentially contaminate the water. Although these advisories can be inconvenient they are issued for your protection. When there is a line break the field crew does its best to clean the line. However, they can not be sure that the lines were completely sanitized. To be safe, the Water Department issues a boil order to protect the customers.


What should I do when there is a Boil Advisory in place? 


You should boil vigorously for three minutes any water used for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, making ice, or other consumption. You do not need to boil water for bathing, washing dishes, laundry, or other external uses.